The Crater Regional Workforce Investment Group (CRWIG) strives to increase employment opportunities and to ensure the integration of services to prepare individuals to meet the needs of business and industry across the Crater region. CRWIG oversees activities authorized under the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998, soon to be transitioned as the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act of 2015, in conjunction with the Crater Regional Workforce Investment Board, Youth Council, and its non-profit entity Learn to Earn.

The Crater Regional Workforce Investment Group (CRWIG) is a local, federally funded, workforce investment board (WIB). It is one of 15 regional workforce investment boards throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The CRWIG administers two Comprehensive  One-Stop Workforce Centers  and one satellite office for employers and job seekers across the Crater Region. These centers help businesses find qualified job seekers, while providing one of the most efficient ways to retain existing employees by training them to keep pace with industry standards. Up-to-date labor market information and statistics for the Crater Region and much more can be obtained through the Workforce Career Centers and this site.

Our goal is to serve every one of our clients and organizations to the best of our ability and provide the assistance and support necessary for them to achieve their own goals, and ultimately contribute to the quality of life in the Crater Region.

Business Solutions
We offer targeted recruiting, retention and development services to businesses of any size in the Crater Region. This “business first” focus on workforce development ensures that those businesses have the human capital they need to flourish.

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Job Seeker Services
We offer a host of services for job seekers , including adults, youth, dislocated workers and disabled workers. We serve all populations with the goal of creating viable career paths and ensuring the workforce of the  Crater Region are aligned with the needs of the local businesses.

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Youth Services

Working in tandem with our local school systems, we aim to help shape the future of today’s youth.

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