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The Crater Regional Workforce Development Board for the Crater Local Workforce Development Area XV (LWDA XV) is soliciting for the position of Executive Director.

Provide executive leadership to carry out the directives of the Crater Regional Workforce Development Board. The primary purpose is to:

  • assist the Board in developing its strategic vision and planning;
  • oversee and manage the implementation of specific Board initiatives;
  • develop and facilitate the functioning of community partnerships which advance the Board’s goals; maintain relationships with Federal and State funding sources and localities;
  • assure an adequate flow of information, including performance indicators, to assist the Board’s oversight and decision-making processes;
  • oversight responsibility for pursuing grants
  • responsible for all procedures, programs, and activities of the Board.


A complete job description can be obtained at under NEWS tab.

Application & Selection Process: Resumes, cover letters, and Response to Supplemental Questions (see below) may be submitted online to: Recie Small at

Deadline: 5:00 p.m. EST June 30, 2017

Required Supplemental Questions:

  1. Please describe your experience interfacing with a workforce development board, its executive committee, and other agencies/board such as a County Board of Supervisors or City Council.
  2. Describe your experience directing the development of WIOA policy, procedure, and record-keeping systems.

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